Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Being 25

It's hard being 25,
or it is not?

Ya, it's hard when you are:
  • not a girl, not yet woman 
  • still stay at your parent's house & sling down your hand to ask for their money 
  • not workin' yet 
  • not graduate yet from collage 
And it's harder when:
  • The yell of your parents wake you up in every single 'morning call' 
  • People arround you want you to be an ORDINARY ONE 
  • Somebody (or more, include fam.) is waiting for the next step of both of your step-up life level. It's hard, for me. The reason is that I've not get all of that yet! - I still love to have much time with my friends rather than have serious time with my future (ecp about job & husband to be) 
  • Jogja Hut is the place I don't deserve to be there, but I don't even have money to go by with my own 
  • I'm a student, still. 
  • Yes, again, I'm a student, still. 
  • Sounding much yell is become my Mom's fave 'workout' now: Hey, when will it finish? I don't like to watch for you all this long!
  • Yes, people, I don't want to this way! 
  • Your mother in law to be wants her only son who is her biggest child give her another child/ren who'll become her grand son/doughter(s), since your husband to be is old enough now to make a family he'll 'feed' by his own money from his hardwork this long. 
WHY it has to be that hard? 

One of my pal said: Gal, you have to go out of that "comfort zone"! Walk out away, you'll find another chance out here!

Another friend: C'mon, c'mon, move a little faster! What are you waiting for? Is it that comfort being a student so you don't want to push that away?

Some other: AbDal: T'rus, kapan mau lulusnya?

OKAY, OKAY! Lemme tell you this:

I don't wannabe like this.
This is not the way I want!
I do, really want to move forward.

I wannabe a bacheloret.
I wannabe a worker.
I want to reach out my life goals.

I'd like to spend my own money.
I'd like to get off of under my parent's underarms.
I'd like to decide my own way.
I'd like to stay in my own house.

I wish I were his wife.
I wish I were his children's mother.
I wish I were the woman who's taking care of his Mom's grand children.

I wannabe...
I'd like to...
I wish I were...

So, for now, I guess it's hard being 25!
But I wannabe, would like, and wish I were 25!
Being 25 in a while is a taken-destiny, and reaching life goals is a must-destiny. ;p Goal it!


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