Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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My “Sayur-Mayur” Warong

In the next two months, I plan to make a simple business. This business will be called "Sayur-Mayur Warong". Sayur-mayur means vegetables. Warong is a small restaurant which provides ready to eat meals, cheaply. 

Yes, warong. As simple as that. This idea started last year, when I visited vegetable farm in Selo, Boyolali, Central Java. This village located on the slopes of Merapi volcano. I saw how the farmers work hard, but did not obtain maximum revenue. In fact, the price of vegetables in the market could reach 100% of the selling price given by the farmer.

The journey of vegetables, from the grown up to be consumed by the consumer, is very long. This is a major cause of rising consumer prices, which unfortunately, are not enjoyed by farmers. My warong will use the purchased vegetables directly from farmers. I hope these small businesses from my warong may encourage an increase of their income.

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