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Note: Training of Smartphone for Heritage Trails

Image by Urban Discovery.

Being participant on this Tailor Made Training program is a wonderful chance to me. This is a training to make Smartphone Application for Heritage Trails. I was invited on the name of my project: Indonesian Heritage Inventory.

It is held by Urban Sollutios in the frame of their city program called Urban Discovery. Urban Discovery is a group of architects and urban planners who works on urban environmental, inner city revitalization and heritage preservation projects throughout Asia. In Indonesia, they are incorporating with Badan Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia (BPPI). BPPI or Indonesian Heritage Trust is a civil society organization aiming at strengthening and assisting heritage conservation in Indonesia. BPPI is in partnership with Balikuna (Bali Heritage Trust) --which is also the host of this program in Denpasar.

Held on 4-8 August, 2012, this program attended by seven participants from six heritage cities di Indonesia, ie Medan (North Sumatra), Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya (East Java), and Denpasar (Bali); plus a BPPI respresentatives for Europe.

The aplication is already done by Urban Discovery. All we have to do is to collect datas and put it in to the ready template. Since the idea of Urban Sollution is to help communities to find out their 'treasure', this training is aimed to Denpasar, as the biggest city in Bali which is not that popular as tourist destination compare with other sites in this island.

This is the agenda: 

Day I 
Introduction of the program and participants with all their backgrounds that can be useful to this training/program.

Day II 
Experiencing, Market Research and Socialization
Balikuna presents about its existing heritage trails. It is important for us to find out which location we will choose to make the aplication. Fortunately, the government of the city has set Jalan Gajahmada (Gajahmada Street) as "heritage street".

There are many interesting objects on this street, including heritage sites. What are they? Balikuna has explain, and we found out more when we walked down the street.

After that, we met Bali Creative Community. They are group of young people who dedicates their work to the city of Denpasar. The goverment supports them much. There, we discussed about our program and asked for some recommendations.

The last agenda on this day is went to Jalan Gajahmada for the heritage trail. We visited the Palace of Bali King, old weaving workshop, colonial buildings, some shops that sells unique product (Bali Coffee, weaving fabrics, etc), traditional market and took some taste of traditional foods.

We made notes and pictures of everything we saw. This is what we need for the contents of the smartphone's aplication. 

Feeding in Data
Each of us presented what we saw during the trails. Then the forum decided, weather the sites are important to be included or not. After that, we worked on texts (small description), pictures, and maps.

We also discussed about the revenue mode: how will the application be made available, website, marketing support, etc. Plus the revenue sharing arrangement between the heritage societies. As information, this application is given to the heritage societies in Indonesia for free. But people (public: tourist, traveler) have to pay when they download it to their devices.

Day IV
Meeting: Preparation for Operation Level
As this is the Executive Level, the seven of us will be trainers for training in 10 cities in Indonesia. Two different cities for each of us to be handled.

The next training will be the Training for Operation Level. It will be held in October, coincides with The National Meeting of Indonesian Heritage Society in Surabaya (East Java), organize by BPPI.

There are more than 10 heritage cities in Indonesia which has been registered in Jaringan Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia (JPPI/Indonesian Heritage Conservation Network). Due to operational budget, we have to select only 10 of them. So how do we select? By opening call for proposal to heritage public. We have just opened it yesterday, here it is the info (in Bahasa indonesia).

This day, beside mecanism to select participants, we also discussed about:
  • the design of training programme, 
  • put together a training preparation package for application; including formats/guidance for filling in information: requirements for photo’s maps etc,
  • research best practice case studies on how heritage NGO’s in other countries around the world use new and social media
Day IV 
Evaluation, Closing
Here we are on the last day. We make evaluation about all the progress. Than we came back to the field if there is any uncomplete data about the site. We took more picture, more interview, etc.

Day V 
Meeting the Stakeholder
We visited Major of Denpasar to report the progress of program implementation. It is needed since we want supports from the government. It was great that they are very welcome. See the publication here (in Bahasa Indonesia).

More info about this application, you can see some example of what Urban Solutions has done with their Urban Discovery projects, here.

See you in October!

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