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The Jogja International Performing Arts Festival - Asia Tri Jogja 2012

Art has been imagined as the humanness virtue of peace; the artistic willing, senses and instruments, that reflecting the human’s need to seek their utopia, their hiding place within self, where everything means for peaceful existence. Thus by singing, dancing, performing or visualizing, the hopes reflected.

The existence of ART and the searching of PEACE have constituted cultural dialogue for centuries. Arts, the domain of cultural sense of creativity, have the power to touch human’s heart, to influence people from within their sensitivity. At the end of the millennium, many works of art answering the challenge to interweaving many differences of human cultures. Peace has come into artist agenda. Many traditional and modern societies have shown that the reality of arts have played a great role on the reflective side of life, on peace making, within or towards individuals and communities.

The Jogja International Performing Art Festival is an annualy performing arts festival whose foundation is aimed to provide Indonesian artists especially Yogyakartans with cultural dialog and exchange with foreign artists from across the world.

JIPA is designed to be an open art festival. The list of artists participating in the Festival is made under the recommendation of an independent team of curators. The Festival is open to artists from across the world regardless their nationality, ethnic, and religious background. An open communication of different cultures is the Festival’s main goal with human relationship and art creativity as its groundwork.

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The Jogja International Performing Arts (JIPA) Festival

29 Sept & 1 Okt | 19.30 | Sositet Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

30 Sept | ISI Yogyakarta
  1. Taketeru Kudo - Japan
  2. Jocelyne Montpetit - Canada
  3. Chelsea Heikes - USA
  4. Agnes Christine - Singapore
  5. Eblen Macari Ensemble - Mexico
  6. Hong Zhuan Yue - China
  7. Nanyang Ensemble - Singapore
  8. Danang Pamungkas - Indonesia
  9. Komang Praptika - Indonesia
  10. Suji Dance Company - Indonesia
  11. Maya Dance Theater - Singapore

Asia Tri Jogja 2012 
02 - 04 Okt | 19.00 | Museum Ullen Sentalu, Kaliurang
  1. Holand
  2. Spain
  3. Canada
  4. Japan
  5. USA
  6. Singapore
  7. India
  8. Mexico
  9. Indonesia
Source Facebook Invitation. The web is not updated, yet. But you can join the dynamic Facebook group here.

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