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Cities, People & Places

The Department of Architecture of the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka in conjunction with its international and national academic partners is proud to announce the International Conference on Cities, People & Places, to be held from October 14-17, 2013, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


With half of the world's population now living in cities and with a prediction that a three quarter of them will move there sooner rather than later, cities are becoming the new powerhouses and the celebrated habitats of the future. Indeed, the mega cities are driving this change spearheaded by the presence of convenient services, luxury of transport and goods and seduction of urban life. It is believed that by 2050, there will at least be 10 mega cities in Asia with a population above 20 million each, such as Dhaka, Shanghai and Mumbai. In fact, in Asia, even smaller cities are growing rapidly ever expanding into the countryside and packing people into crammed, sometimes even uninhabitable spaces simply because, urban living is seductive and believed to be convenient and filled with opportunities.

However, with such huge populations and with limited spaces, cities are not becoming people-friendly fascinating places that most want them to be. Increase in slums and shanties, derelict real estates, unmanageable and always overburdened infrastructure tend to keep cities always on the edge, wanting more and more developments, yet attracting more and more people its spaces cannot afford to accommodate. Overcrowding and indifference to the people who are supposed to make home there are inherent characteristics of modern cities. In fact, the dilemmas of the cities are many yet at the heart of them lie the complexity of people place transactions that are hard to be understood, yet need to be nourished by planned interventions if only cites are to become healthy places to live in.

This International Symposium on Cities, People and Places (ISCPP) aims to address a wide array of inter-related aspects of cities and urban environments from functional aspects and city making technologies to quality of living and character of places. Its objectives are twofold. First, it aims to gather in a fast developing Asian city- Colombo, those who are interested in looking into the spaces and places of cities with a view to sharing theirunderstanding of the complex human dimension of living in cities. Second, it envisages facilitating and constructing a holistic view of the problems facing contemporary cities, and places and solutions for their meaningful growth. The Conference is devised to accommodate contributions of participants from different disciplines yet focused on urban spaces and places.

Conference Themes
Conference themes are focused upon the following but not limited to.
  • Making people friendly cities and places
  • Community planning and design
  • Identity and character of cities and places
  • Quality of public plazas and places
  • Experiencing the city
  • Great Streets and public spaces
  • Techno city and promoting social consciousness through digital culture
  • Urban conservation and urban cultural heritage
  • Sustainable urban design, planning and technologies for cities
Paper proposals related to other humanistic issues of the cities are also welcome.

Call For Papers
Papers are called from academics, practitioners, researchers and government and private sector implementation agencies from the fields related to the conference theme. The acceptance of the papers upon the submission of the abstract will be notified within three weeks time.

The abstract and full papers (refer the submission format under additional information below) are to be forwarded to;
  • Conference Chair-ICCPP-2013,
  • Department of Architecture,
  • University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Sri Lanka; or
  • Email to
Key Dates

Submission of Abstracts:
15th May, 2013 Extended to 15th June 2013

Confirmation of acceptance of Abstracts:
30th June, 2013

Full Paper submission:
15th July 2013

Peer Review Comments by:
10th August, 2013

Final Paper submission (Camera Ready):
15th September, 2013

Conference dates:
15th - 16th October, 2013

Early bird registration:
30th July 2013

Final date of Registration to be included in the Proceedings:
15th August 2013

Final registration deadline:
30th September 2013

Source: ICCPP 2013 here.

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