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Magelang is Not Only Borobudur!

Source: Kota Toea Magelang
Magelang is the capital city of Magelang Regency, Central Java province. Although Borobudur temple is located in the same district, Magelang existence--as a city worthy of visits--not as popular as Borobudur.

Borobudur visitors often just passing through this city on their way to Borobudur from Semarang; or never stepped on this city, if you go through Yogyakarta. This is unfortunate, because there is a great history of Indonesia, which is tucked away in the city.

Magelang was born on April 11, 907. It is a village under the presence of a king. In the 18th century, Magelang became the center of British colonial. In 1818, after the Netherlands defeat England, Magelang became the capital of Kedu residency. The strategic location makes this town as the center of the economy. Magelang became a military fort for the pro-independence movement. Now, the town became the center of military education of the Republic of Indonesia.

Traces the history is clearly visible in many ancient buildings in Magelang. Beautiful landscape also carved the history; as the heroes defenses in the valley, the hills, and around the Sumbing and Sindoro Mountain.

For some people, a wealth history of this town is considered important. Some residents trying to revitalize it, through a group called Magelang Koeta Toea (KTM), or the Old City of Magelang.

KTM has always invites residents to appreciate the history of their city. They are having an annual event called Magelang Tempo Doelo (Magelang the old days). This is held every April, to commemorate the anniversary of the city. This year, it is centered in the area of ​​Gedung Karesidenan Kedu, Jalan Diponegoro No. 1 Magelang. This year, it will be on April 27 to 28, with variety of agendas.

There is a cultural art performance of traditional music and dance, movie screening about history and people struggle, heritage trails of the old city, hiking to Tidar hill to watch the sunrise, discussions, and cultural rituals. There is also an exhibition of old photo, antique transportation, folk snacks, crafts, and the antique market.

How to get there?

From Yogyakarta:
  1. DAMRI (Rp 35,000) from Adisucipto Airport, get off at the Hotel Wisata. Continue with public transportation (Rp 2,500) or taxi (Rp 20,000)
  2. Go to Jombor (bus station), take whatever bus to Semarang (Rp 35,000 AC or Rp 8,000 non AC), get off at Armada (a bus stop). Take mini bus called "engkel" (Rp 3,000), get off at Karesidenan (popular as "perdana").
  3. Or, you may get off at Tidar (bus station in Magelang), take angkot (public transportation) line 8 (Rp 2,000), get off at Karesidenan.
From Semarang:
Take whatever bus to Yogyakarta (Rp 12,000), get off at Armada. Continue your journey with the same on number 2 and 3 above.

Contact Person
If you need more assistance, you may call Bagus Priyana on +6287832626269 and Wahyu Utami +6281392363778. See Facebook of this group here, and the webblog here.

See you soon in Magelang!


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