Friday, April 26, 2013

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Weekend in Magelang

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Hi all,
This is my schedule in Magelang, this weekend:

Saturday, April 27: 
Workshop "Bambu Seribu Candi" (Bamboo Thousand Temples), in Borobudur Village

08.00 go to Borobudur, by bus
09.30 processing-bamboo construction
17.00 coffee maker-show, by Escoret*)
19.00 take a rest, meet Borobudur villagers

*) Escoret is one of a famous coffee lover in Jogja. He visited many places in Indonesia, to get the best coffee to sell. This is his activities in making coffee. 

More about this workshop here.

Sunday, April 28:
Exhibition of Magelang Old City. PLEASE WEAR TRADITIONAL CLOTHES

05.00 go to Magelang City, by bus (20 minutes)
06.00 catch the sunrise from Tidar Hill (30 mins hiking)
09.00 old city heritage trails, by bicycle
10.00 cultural art performance
12.00 traditional food hunt
13.00 etc etc etc
20.00 back to Jogja, by car

More about this exhibition here, or here in Bahasa Indonesia.

Anyone want to join? Please do!


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