Monday, May 13, 2013

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to remind you to register for the EuroSEAS Conference before 31 May 2013 even if you decide to pay the conference fee sometime later (which is possible).

Our Panel no. 63 has been scheduled for Thursday, 4 July 2013. We hope this fits into your own plans. For further information please check the website:

Please inform us if for whatever reason you may not be able to attend.

Best regards,
Gabriele Weichart


Just got this email confirmation from the committee that our abstract of paper is accepted. Finally! This is really a surprise, after waiting for months. Well, now have to find sponsors, which of course is not easy with the time that is so tight.

Please help, if there is an institution that can roughly provide funds. Assistance in the form of prayer is also very helpful, help realize one of my dreams this year: 'treading' Europe :)


Pic form here.


about it


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