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2014 Conference on Anthropology & Sustainability in Asia

The 2014 Conference on Anthropology & Sustainability in Asia »
Anthropological Perspectives on Holistic Sustainability

CASA 2014 will be held at the KKR Hotel Hiroshima
Hiroshima, Japan
March 16-18, 2014

The Final Deadline for Proposals is February 1, 2014

The Conference on Anthropology & Sustainability in Asia is an international biennial conference. The first conference was held in 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, and the 2014 conference will be held in Asia’s ‘City of Peace’: Hiroshima, Japan. CASA 2014 will begin with a welcome party on March 16th followed by a two-day interdisciplinary platform for scholars, researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, students, and practitioners on March 17th and 18th. Selection of Hiroshima as the venue site provides the ideal backdrop for a conference that will draw researchers and scholars from around Asia to discuss the importance of anthropology in regards to the CASA 2014 theme: Anthropological Perspectives on Holistic Sustainability.

Under the theme of Anthropological Perspectives on Holistic Sustainability, CASA 2014 welcomes submissions from the following sub-themes and special topics:

  1. Cultural Sustainability
  2. Social Sustainability
  3. Political Sustainability
  4. Economic Sustainability
  5. Archaeology and Sustainability
  6. Linguistic Sustainability
  7. Biological Sustainability
  8. Other areas (Please specify)

Special topics:

  1. Comparative cultural systems of sustainability
  2. Professional paradigms in researching the concept of sustainability
  3. The religious impact on the growth of sustainability
  4. Crisis of social solidarity and its implications on sustainability
  5. The erosion of community and its consequences on stable sustainability
  6. Education and civility in the receptivity of sustainability

Sustainability is a term of recent origin with widespread contemporary saliency.  In its popular use, sustainability tends to focus mostly on issues of natural environment.  The lens of environmental sustainability raises questions such as:

  • Can the natural world recover from damage caused by human activity at a rate faster than the damage is done?
  • Is the use of natural resources at a rate that is compatible with their regeneration?
  • What changes in human practice can lead to long-term availability of necessary natural resources?

Anthropological Perspectives on Holistic Sustainability will explore these and related questions, but in a way that considers sustainability beyond its ecological dimensions.  Trends toward broader consideration of sustainability are in place.  The World Bank and other governmental and non-governmental organizations have incorporated the concept of social sustainability into their approaches to development.  The notion of a “triple bottom line” that considers profit, people and planet has entered the private sector discourse on sustainability.  This conference considers the contributions that anthropology can make to expanding the horizons of sustainability.

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