Saturday, November 23, 2013

CULTHIST '14 on Symbols, Representation, Expression 
in the History of Culture

Conference Venue: Sedad Hakkı Eldem Oditorium, Fındıklı Campus, MSFAU

Throughout the history of mankind, the symbols emerge in all eras and in all scales with various appearances and functions. Sometimes the meanings and functions of the symbols are obvious and some-other-times the symbols present a potential of a key that needs to be subjected to more comprehensive studies.

Symbols bear significance, as objects and concepts in themselves. Then again, accumulation of emotional, intellectual, ideological, anthropological, religious and political references equally bears significance, again, in itself. It is more than fair to claim that the role of symbols in daily life, their origins, stylistic qualities and semantic transformations constitute an inseparable part of cultural history.

Culture and politics 
  1. Culture and production of symbol 
  2. Politics, ideology and symbols 
  3. Culture as a network of symbols
  4. Forms of symbol: words, sounds, gestures, visual images 
  5. Theories of symbol, representation and semiotics 
  6. Symbol, sign and metaphor 
  7. Symbol as an idea, belief, action, material entity 
  1. Symbol and public memory 
  2. Symbols in religion, religious symbolism 
  3. Symbols, culture and geography: North, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia (India, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand), Oceania 
  4. Symbol, architecture and urban space 
  5. Scientific symbols, computer icons, punctuation, map-territory relation 
  6. Alphabet, font, glyph, grapheme 
  7. Icon, logo, emblem, motif 
  1. Tragedies, disasters, plagues, wars, civil wars, demonstrations, revolutions 
  2. Fashion, sports, cosmetics and entertainment industry 
  3. Advertisement, vehicle industry, real estate, technology 
  4. Marketing strategies and consumer culture 
  5. Identity, class, race, gender and discrimination 
  6. Concepts and symbolism: death, birth, nature, hope, freedom, love, utopia, courage, passion etc. 
  7. Emotions and symbolsim: happy, excited, tender, scared, angry, sad etc. 
Art and science 
  1. Symbols in art and art as a symbol: sculpture, painting, street art, contemporary arts, performance arts, poetry, literature, photography, classical music, pop music, theatre, cinema 
  2. Symbols from sociological and antropological perspective 
  3. Symbols from a pschological and psychiatrical perspective 
  4. Psychoanalysis, rhetoric, and archetypes 
  5. Symbol and historiography 
  6. Deconstructivism and symbols 
  7. Orientalism, Neoclassicism, Eclecticism 
  8. Communication and human behaviour
  • New Deadline for submission of abstracts: Closed.
  • Last Deadline for registration: Oct 4, 2013
  • Deadline for full papers submission: Oct 4, 2013
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