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Merajut Obyek Temuan

WORKSHOP | Crocheting Found Object 
Workshop bersama Heather Horrocks

Cemeti Art House bekerja sama dengan Footscray Community Arts Centre, dan Program Seni dan Budaya 2014 - Kedutaan Besar Australia di Jakarta, akan menyelenggarakan workshop 'Merajut Obyek Temuan' bersama Heather Horrocks, seniman dari Melbourne. Workshop akan dilaksanakan selama dua hari, yaitu tanggal 11-12 Juni 2014, mulai jam 10.00-15.00.

Kami menyediakan tempat bagi 10 seniman yang tertarik untuk berpartisipasi dalam workshop ini. Silakan untuk segera mendaftar via email ke alamat: cemeti@cemetiarthouse.or.id, paling lambat hari Sabtu, 7 Juni 2014.

Material untuk workshop akan disediakan oleh penyelenggara. Peserta juga dapat membawa sendiri material yang sesuai dengan ide workshop. Hasil dari workshop akan diikutsertakan dalam pameran 'Exquisite Corpstallation' di Ace House, Yogyakarta.

Untuk informasi lengkap mengenai workshop dan profil seniman silakan menyimak keterangan di bawah ini:

Crocheting Found Object 
Workshop with Heather Horrocks

Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Program 2014, presents with Cemeti Art House the Heather Horrocks Crocheting Found Object Workshop as part of FCA Chearts Jogja Tour.

In this two-day workshop, Heather Horrocks will practically introduce participants to crocheting found objects including videotape, and whatever items participants choose to bring in. Crochet is a craft now taking on a contemporary artistic form that is open to sharing skills and ideas. The workshop will be a hands-on approach and the final work will be included in the cumulative assembly exhibition Exquisite Corpstallation.

This is a free workshop with lunch provided and participants involved will have their name credited to the resulting work. Some materials will be provided, and participants are encouraged to bring found crochet-able objects such as video or cassette tape, string or ribbon, that could be worked with. The workshop is suitable for introductory and experienced interests.

Heather Horrocks is a respected senior artist of the Footscray Community Arts Centre, who enjoys conversation and sharing ability’s.

Footscray Community Arts Centre is located in one of the most diverse regions of Australia. With more than 130 different cultural groups who speak over 150 languages calling Melbourne's west home, which is traditionally part of a working class suburb which has a strong history of community arts and artistic activism.

The Heather Horrocks Crocheting Found Object Workshop is part of the FCACheartsJOGJA tour, a contemporary arts exchange between people and place.

FHJ14 Tour Address: http://footscrayarts.com/event/fcacheartsjogja-2/ 

Activity: Workshop 
Venue Host: Cemeti Art House 
Hosted Artist: Heather Horrocks
Date: Wednesday 11 June & Thursday 12 June 
Theme: Crocheting videotape and found objects with exhibition outcome
at Exquisite Corpstallation
Cost: Free includes lunch and light refreshments

Heather Horrocks
Writer, Artist, Community Leader 
Heather is now semi-retired but her activities include being director of an artist-run space,  a practising artist (charcoal, threads, paste-ups, found objects) and, with her husband, proprietor of a small business that often takes her interstate to write, edit, and produce reports and policy documents while gazing at landscapes and interrogating trees.

She has been widely involved in the Footscray community for nearly 20 years.  Heather currently chairs the Western Region Health Centre Board, sits on the Arts Advisory Committee for the City of Maribyrnong, and is a founding member of the newly established Footscray Riverside Action Group.  She was formerly a member of Footscray Community Arts Centre Board.

Heather studied maths and languages at Monash University in the 1960s. She is approaching the biblical allotted life span of three score years and ten.

Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Program 2014, presents, FCACheartsJogja.

'FCACheartsJogja (FHJ) Visual Arts Exhibition and Collaborative Installation' is supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Info lengkap:
Cemeti Art House / Rumah Seni Cemeti
Jl. D.I. Panjaitan 41, Yogyakarta  55143
Open:  09.00 - 17.00, Closed on Sunday & Monday
Telp/Fax. +62 (0) 274 371015   
M. +62 (0) 812 273 3564 
Email: cemeti@cemetiarthouse.or.id

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