Thursday, October 29, 2015

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She, Yesterday and Today

Read a friend's status on socmed, I realized that she was talking differently on the same issue at around 4 years ago. Yes, that time she talked about me and him, on the way we live, we act, our activities and off course our relationship; which is not as right as she would (the right thing she would?). I capture two of the tweets, but they were gone with the stolen mobilephone of mine.

In order to compare about how she think on yesterday and today, I suddenly went to her timeline and go scrolled down till the days of... the beginning of this year. Crap!

It was like 2 hours ago. Now I feel stupid. Are you sure you wanna search for those, while she now has more than 20K tweets!
Why dont I just think: everybody's changing, every single day. What do you expect?

#its3inthemorning ‪#‎soletsgetthepillowthen‬

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