Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Hanson Dream

Hanson came to Indonesia and stay at an inn that I manage. Hanson came with the whole family, their wife and children.

I am Hanson's biggest fan from I was 14. That's why I am happy to offer some helps to help Taylor (Tay)'s wife Natalie (Nat), to take care of their children. I would be happy too to have opportunities to go wherever they go during this tour.

Since the first day of their arrival, I was taking care of their children. The kids are sweet, they want me to take them to bed. [A
nd just found this article about taking care of child from these Hanson guys, hahahaha]

Day to day, I kept stealing glances to Tay, because he was my favorite Hanson members. As I always seen through various media, he was very handsome. Yes, there he is!

We were on the same car since the first day. On the second day, Tay sitting beside the driver, I was behind him, lap one of his children. I touched his shoulder with my finger.

"Hi Tay, we've been together since yesterday but I did not introduced myself, yet. I just want to shake your hand," I said.

Since then, we were talking each other. He said thanks for helping Nat to watch over their children.

As the band leader, Tay had to monitor everything when the band doing a sound checks for their performances in the other day. Nat accompanied by me, are there too close to the stage. We kept our eyes on their children. And I made eye contact with Tay, time to time.

Third day was the time when I realized that I have not had any pic of me and him, yet. I would to. So I asked him after the show.

"Yes sure, but I need to take the kids to bed now. I'll see you later," he said.

I sat in front of the inn. Waiting for not so long, he came. I wonder what happened, cause we then... making love.

And I woke. 

It was a dream. A dream about Hanson. Tot that Tay was singing "With You in Your Dreams" for me last night. Or Westilife is singging: I have a dream, a fantasy... :p

Yes its a real fantasy! Too much watching Tay on the Youtube!

The funniest fantasy is; there was Ariel NOAH, Indonesian band vocalist, who also stays in the inn. Ariel seems very jealous to Taylor. Hahahahaha.

A night dream has to be weird, no?

Sing it with this Abba'sI have a dream... a Hanson dream...

Pic from here.

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