Friday, September 11, 2015

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Questioning Hanson, Questioning Me

What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have?
-- A song that send me to the biggest university in Indonesia.

How many times have you seen Hanson in concert? Favorite concert memory?
-- None.

What is your favorite Hanson song and why?
-- 1. Penny and Me, feels like Hanson are talking to me :)
-- 2. Madaline, the beat making me shake.

Why do you like/love Hanson?
-- Its a band that growing up with creativity, not gossips. Hanson have wonderful talent of music and can take us, the fans, growing up together in very good way.

How long have you been a Hanson fan?
-- Since I was 14.

Why should you be FAN OF THE MONTH?
-- I am the only one in my country who keep watching Hanson all over the day, during office hours to the rest of the day. Keep my hand push the "like" bottom on the Youtube, everyday! :)

State a piece of trivia in regards to you & Hanson (optional)
-- I am growing up with Hanson :)

*Answering this questions. Pic from here.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Hanson Dream

Hanson came to Indonesia and stay at an inn that I manage. Hanson came with the whole family, their wife and children.

I am Hanson's biggest fan from I was 14. That's why I am happy to offer some helps to help Taylor (Tay)'s wife Natalie (Nat), to take care of their children. I would be happy too to have opportunities to go wherever they go during this tour.

Since the first day of their arrival, I was taking care of their children. The kids are sweet, they want me to take them to bed. [A
nd just found this article about taking care of child from these Hanson guys, hahahaha]

Day to day, I kept stealing glances to Tay, because he was my favorite Hanson members. As I always seen through various media, he was very handsome. Yes, there he is!

We were on the same car since the first day. On the second day, Tay sitting beside the driver, I was behind him, lap one of his children. I touched his shoulder with my finger.

"Hi Tay, we've been together since yesterday but I did not introduced myself, yet. I just want to shake your hand," I said.

Since then, we were talking each other. He said thanks for helping Nat to watch over their children.

As the band leader, Tay had to monitor everything when the band doing a sound checks for their performances in the other day. Nat accompanied by me, are there too close to the stage. We kept our eyes on their children. And I made eye contact with Tay, time to time.

Third day was the time when I realized that I have not had any pic of me and him, yet. I would to. So I asked him after the show.

"Yes sure, but I need to take the kids to bed now. I'll see you later," he said.

I sat in front of the inn. Waiting for not so long, he came. I wonder what happened, cause we then... making love.

And I woke. 

It was a dream. A dream about Hanson. Tot that Tay was singing "With You in Your Dreams" for me last night. Or Westilife is singging: I have a dream, a fantasy... :p

Yes its a real fantasy! Too much watching Tay on the Youtube!

The funniest fantasy is; there was Ariel NOAH, Indonesian band vocalist, who also stays in the inn. Ariel seems very jealous to Taylor. Hahahahaha.

A night dream has to be weird, no?

Sing it with this Abba'sI have a dream... a Hanson dream...

Pic from here.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Ketika Dia yang Bukan Perokok, Terpapar Asap Rokok

"Ibu ini perokok berat?" tanya dokter.
"Enggak. Sama sekali tidak," jawab keluarga.

Si ibu, pasien yang sedang koma itu, mengalami meningitis dan infeksi paru. Paru-parunya kering. "Persis seperti gambar paru-paru di iklan rokok itu," kata kakaknya.

Pasien berusia 34 tahun ini adalah seorang ibu rumah tangga. Hanya sebulan sejak penyakitnya ditemukan, ia meninggal.

Suami pasien adalah seorang perokok berat. Sejak kecil pasien juga jarang keluar rumah, sehingga sering terpapar asap rokok ayahnya. Ayahnya meninggal di usia 60 tahun akibat stroke dan gangguan paru-paru. Ibu mereka meninggal dua tahun lalu. 

Kini si kakak adalah satu-satunya yang tersisa dari keluarga kecil itu. Si kakak terbebas dari penyakit akibat asap rokok, sebab sewaktu kecil ia sering main ke luar rumah. Suaminya juga bukan perokok.

Menurut dokter, paru-paru demikian hanya akan didapat dari perokok yang sudah merokok selama puluhan tahun. Dokter juga mengatakan bahwa perokok pasif memiliki tingkat resiko yang lebih tinggi dibanding perokok aktif.

Itu meninggal bukan karena polusi udara atau asap knalpot?
Pasien tinggal di dataran tinggi di daerah yang jauh dari kota. Apalagi kesehariannya hanya di rumah.

Bahwa suami dan bapaknya merokok di dalam rumah, adalah nyata.

Kini yang perlu diselamatkan adalah anak-anak pasien, yang saat ini tinggal dengan ayah mereka yang bahkan masih merokok di dalam rumah saat keluarga mengadakan tahlilan kematian instrinya.

Pagi tadi seorang teman menceritakan ini padaku, tentang sepupunya yang berpulang pekan lalu. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun...

Semoga menjadi pelajaran buat kita semua.

NB: Sebentar lagi para pro industri rokok akan cari tahu siapa pasien ini, lalu meminta dokter dan keluarga pasien untuk tidak bercerita pada media, apalagi kepada orang-orang pro pengendalian tembakau.

Gambar dari sini.


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