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Indonesian Heritage Inventory, a New Way to Access Intangible Heritage

Innovative ways of accessing intangible heritage resources:
Indonesian Heritage Inventory, 

a New Way to Access Intangible Heritage

Indonesia became one of country that experienced a boom in the use of social/networking media. Facebook and Twitter user in Indonesia are always in the top ranking of the world. The biggest number of social media consument in Indonesia is young people. It allows the emergence of citizen journalism,
counciously or not, is carying the new model of documentation by the public, known as crowd-sourcing.

Public in Indonesia has already familiar with database crowd-sourcing, not only to collect information, but also to manage public campaign and people action. They were using Facebook to fight againts corruption, chance the law that does not siding to the people justise, and to help disaster victims.

There are so many group of social media user shares information about heritage. When someone go to one heritage site, he will took picture of himself with the heritage site as the background. Then he will upload it to the social media. Then write complete description about the site he saw then upload it. This is the first step to preserves the heritage.

Is it enough then to be called as database system? Not yet! One place is needed to provide all tinformation about Indonesian heritage. The system managed by Indonesian government and some other institution seems not yet ready, both in infrastructure and human resources. Each department has their own central database, but it is not integrated and not easy for public to access. This is the reason why crowd-sourcing is needed.

Since Januari 2012, there is an initiative to build a database system in Indonesia, called Indonesian Heritage Inventory (IHI - IHI recorded information on text, maps, picture and video. IHI allows everyone to use and/or add information. It means that the data is dinamic.

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