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Hallo from Indonesian Heritage Inventory

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Hallo everyone, 
how are you? Hope you are doing fine, as fine as we are, here in Jogja :)

Here is some updates of what we are doing in Indonesian Heritage Inventory (IHI), last month till today:

I'm very pleased with notice from Laurie Neale (Europa Nostra) about the contest of Wiki Love Monuments (WLM), the same way of crowdsourcing data collecting in Europe. It will be valuable if I can contact them to make networks. 

Elanto and I have studied the WLM website, just after Laurie tell us about them, last June. But until now we have no courage to call them, since we don't have enough "capital" to be look by the world. One reason is the language that we use in our website. We still have not found enough time and energy to do the translation into English by the two of us, according to suggestions of some relatives.

I realize the important of writing in English for IHI. I will do it, soon as we have volunteers. Now the website management is handling by me and Elanto Wijoyono. Now we are organizing a professional teamwork to organize it.

Our concern now is to introduce the IHI system to the local heritage community in all over Indonesia, so they can contribute data from their region. It takes time, during our work of updating the incoming datas to the website.

Our plan is to make it bilingual, since our purpose is to provide knowledge and information to the owner of Indonesian heritage: the Indonesian citizen. Hopefully we can do it soon.

"With regard to language of the web site, please don't worry or rush. I fully agree it is first and foremost for the Indonesian community for them to engage and benefit. Perhaps you can start providing some brief summaries or information so that others can benefits and reach you if necessary," said Gamini Wijesuriya (ICCROM) last month (3/08). 

Once again, thanks to Laurie for the information and her assistance in introducing IHI to Maarten Dammers (27/09). He is the one from WLM. Two days after, he stating that he would help us to be included in the next year contest-project.

Update of the IHI
We have no significant progress. We are having trouble finding volunteers who are willing to help us to fill the content of the website, while Elanto and I busy with all the things related to the promotion of IHI (including to introduce how to use it, to the public) and website management.

Beside that, we visited some communities to inventory their heritage. We were also invited to participate in some heritage forums. In December, we are invited to Hong Kong for this conference:

I am lucky that my abstracts of paper about IHI has received by the committee. But now I am confused where to go to find funds to pay for tickets, hotels, etc for Hongkong. Do you have any recommendations where should I look for?

By the way, we were in Bali for a workshop: ‘i-Discover' - Catapult Indonesia Heritage Societies into the 21st century. A training course to enable Indonesian heritage societies to develop smart-phone applications for heritage trails in selected Indonesian Cities. Here is the info (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Thank you very much for everyone's advice for the development of IHI. Glad to meet you all again, here :)

Adriani Zulivan,
Director of Indonesian Heritage Inventory
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