Saturday, December 9, 2017

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Devian of The Family

What's your father?
He's a civil servant.

Government officials?
Yes, Ministry of Finance.

Your mom?
She was a banker.

She was?
Early retirement, since dad moved to a small town as required by the office. Her office had no branch there, and she had to go with him.

Do you have siblings?
A sister, older than me, is a banker too. While my younger brother is a student of finance.

Ah, an economic-finance family I may say. So you are a devian!


It was my conversation with a colleague from the UK, around 2013. 

Yes I am a devian of the family, but I am Zulivan's--still 😂 
And today like another family member, I am celebrating the Zulivan anniversary too. Yay!

Happy 38 years, Mama and Papa. Happy Zulivan's Day to all the squad!


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