Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Dear You!

Pic from here.

This post forced me to create a new label: KAMU! :)

How are you today? Me, I am doing good, although there was a dizzy of confusing chat. But the rest of this day is very exciting.

Dear you, when will you finish your work today? I wanna tell you about my day today...

I was really waiting for this day, the day they were interviewed me. It was one fun hour, not as tense as I thought. I think, they were interested on me. Hopefully!

What I think before sounds more interesting, after my fun conversation with them. Them! Yes, they are three ladies. The oldest one sounds cheerful-funny. Looks like I'm going to love my new world. Yeah of course, if I get this chance!

You know, this afternoon I got a good news about Ledhok Community. A friend brought a prospective buyers to buy their plant product: mint leaves. Guess what? The buyer is asking the mint leaves in a few hundred pounds! Alhamdulillah, finally Ledhok Community will have market for their farm products. Thanks Mas @escoret.

Recently, a friend called me about a column in which he runs the fashion media. We've talked about this a few months ago. Apparently, he made ​​a special section for me: "Something like Samuel Mulia in "Parody"," he said. Haha, yes definitely different! Well, yesterday I agreed to make one article per month, I asked for my own issues: all about "nusantara clothing". He is agreed. I think, this issues will be match to Indonesian Heritage Inventory (IHI) as well: One row, two-three websites done! :)

Well you, I've just re-read documents about an event in campus. I am involved there, of course in the field of marcomm. It is a bit surprising, since it is 'offending' (negatively) an issue that I've been striving for. Desperately need input on this!

Hey you, I'm going to show you my new sewing machine that couldn't work well. Do you have any suggestion to help? Huff... desperately, I went to a tailor nearby here, asked "how-to-use-it". She keeps trying, until I said "Let's bring it to repairman" after 3,5 hours (she didn't want to stop)! She was agreed. But, since there are still guarantee time, I would try to contact the distributor agent first.

There you, I also want tell you about a photograph of a friend. He had been changing picture on his Facebook profile. It is a pic of himself together with his wife, in the middle of rice fields. Beautiful, really. This couple is always amazing. Here we go, I've got the copy for you :)

Pic of Singgih Kartono.

Another thing, yesterday I made a delicious (but sodden) cake. Hahahaha, onetime you have to taste it!

Well, it's my day fun.

Dear you, again, when will you finish your work today? I wanna tell you about my day today...

Dear you, are you listen? :))

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