Friday, March 1, 2013

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Lucky vs Blessed

Pic from here.
Girl Number One:
  1. Reputable government university graduated
  2. Married, one child-girl
  3. Place of origin: Big city
  4. Outlook: Thin-tall, Asian brown, pretty
  5. Dress like a noble: long skirt, long sleeves
  6. Comes from wealthy families
  7. Worked in a local NGO, in a big town in Java
  8. Working as an at-home-mom and wife, in abroad
  9. Do shalat

Girl Number Two:
  1. Infamous private university graduated
  2. Unmarried, yet
  3. Place of origin: Small town
  4. Outlook: Short stature, Asian fair, not that beauteous
  5. Dress: Anything looks mini-mini from top to toe
  6. Comes from mediocre families, barely below the average
  7. Worked in a local company, in the capital city
  8. Working in a multi-national agency, in the capital city
  9. Never do shalat
I called the first one as BLESSED, while another is LUCKY.

Which one is me? None! :)
Which one do I want to be? None.
Which one I like? Both, in between, not all, some. They are my models. 



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