Monday, March 14, 2016

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Taylor Hanson and I

I am fond of Taylor Hanson since I was in junior high school. 

As a loyal fan, I was trying to know anything about him and the band Hanson. I know the name of their younger sisters, and how old they are. I know the name of their grandmother and what song they wrote for her. I know the hotel where the group was staying, during the tour in Jakarta and vacation in Bali. I know the reason why--when they kept silent didn't want to answer a question, in an interview with Indonesian journalists.

And there are many other things I know about him and them. 

Until one day a friend in high school asked me, if I was willing to give every single information about Hanson that I know. She needed it for an interview session at a local radio station that hiring an announcer. "Maybe they will ask me what music that I like. If I answer "Hanson", maybe I will have bigger chance if I know many thing about them as you are!" she explained.

Alright, then! She wrote wrote some words in her palm: Jane Nelson Lawyer, Middle of Nowhere, 1992, 7 siblings, Jordan Taylor Hanson, March 14, 1983, etc.

An interesting information about Taylor that related to me is: he was born in the same year with me! Well yeah, it is something common, many people born in the same year with him. But how many people are born on the same day with him? Probably not much, here I'm one of them :)

Today, March 14, 2016 is on Monday. Look at May 2, 2016, it will on the same day too! Please check the calendar in the years before, and in the years to come. It was and will always the same, right?

Happy twin digits, Taylor Hanson!

Get the pic from here. For me, his very best outlook is during this years (around 2003 I guess)

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