Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Dua Mata Zoro

This is Zorro, my sister's favourite. She gave him this name since he has black hair like tuxedo. Real Zorro (in the movie) wears tuxedo, right?

He is a cat, belonging to our neighbor. But he, along with another cat, named Koneng, come to our house from dawn till night. They both eat there, then go somewhere on bedtime--maybe they return home to the owner.

They came to us since they were small, almost a year to this day.

Early month this May, Zorro did not come to our home for two days. When he came, I saw his eyes were red and there were plenty of dried mucus in the corner of his eye. I'm sure he's eyes's sore, but we did't know why.

Today, four days after he returned, the vet said that his eyes could no longer see. The exact cause is unknown. I just remember that he did not know where's his plate, so he just rely on smell to find foods.

Please help us to keep Zorro happy as he was, eventhough his two eyes could no longer see. We love you, Zorro!


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