Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Not A Reenactment Video: Weiner

There is a powerful women behind your success. People says so. Wiener story on this documentary video explains everything.

Family with a success position in the political world, how far the politician really understand that he must sacrifice everything for it: family, dignity, position! Sex scandal certainly be the brunt of this.

At the first time, I thought this is a kind of video reenactment, when I see the cinematography, setting, costumes, etc. and so on is wonderful. But no, it is the REAL event. Yes it is, real footage with the actors themselves.

I was googling for "Huma Abedin" and "Anthony Weiner". There they are!

This documentary is something that really need to be watched, by anyone who wants to go forward to that world! But this piece from two days ago is something you need to be considered!


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