Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Parents Don’t Buried Their Child

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A 'mom' like me should not bury my own child. It should him that burry my body when I die.
But I did it last night. Buried his deadbody on my backyard, right beside his own house. Mas Yossy helped me to do that.

This morning I am so sad.
I am no longer see his noddy head when I open the curtains.
I am no longer see his blue icy eyes looking at me when I open the windows.
I am no longer hear his crunchy voice when I call him.
I am no longer come into his house when he fly to reach me.

This morning I am no longer call him for that crunchy voice.
This morning I am no longer open his door to catch him fly.
I hear no voice.
I see no fly.
He no longer there.

Maybe, I will tear some flower to his “new house” there on the ground, today.
Flower, as much as the tear which comes out from my eyes, now.

Selamat jalan, sayang...
Selamat bertemu kembali dengan dia, kekasihmu...

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