Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Gummy Candle Shop

I don't know how is Bahasa Indonesia translate the words "gummy candle". In Indonesia, it is popular with "Yuppie", but it is not its name, but the name of the product given by the factory, like "Pilot" for pen.I've been googling and find it out as "Juppy", here.

Ya, whatever you called it. I don't like this kind of gum since I was a little kid. It is like... hummm, hard to explain, I just don't like it even they are always there in my home. My parent buy them since my siblings love it.

In Singapore, I saw so many shop sells it. At the market, station, restaurant, shopping mall, anywhere. I like to see the design. It is not just ball, tetragon, or triangle like you can find in Indonesia, but any shape. Youy name it. They are displayed in attractive containers, also.Who's not interested in buying, then?

At MRT station
At 7-11 shop

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