Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Ice Cream Corn with Whitebread

Corn flavour with bread. Yummm...
Man! I am happy to live in a city where you can do walking without barrier. I mean, hard to do it in big cities in Indonesia, since the street-vendor make the sidewalk paving as place to display their goods.

Ow man, do you know what will a city like without street-vendor?
For me, it rather means that you have to taking care of your stomach before you go. Since street-vendor is banned in Singapore, you can't feed your stomach anywhere.

But man, you can find ice cream seller in many corner, just like you can find Abang Bakso in Indonesia (yeah, not that many, indeed). But they are not selling on the sidewalk, but on area of something, like shopping mall, market, park.

It is Wall's bicycle cart. They sell many ice cream flavour, like chocolate, vanilla, corn and durian, serve on horn or whitebread. It remainds me about ice cream in Medan, my Mom's favourite: The corn icecream. You can't vine corn ice cream easily in Jogja. It is also not common in Jogja to eat icecream with slice of whitebread, even there are many ice cream cart provide chopped whitebread with pearlsago.

Tulilut, tulilut... Remember the Wall's jingle?

Back to the ice cream here. For SGD 1.20 you can get a portion of ice cream as big as a half slice of whitebread. The taste is good, very different with the Wall's in Indonesia. I like it.

Man, it's like going back to Medan, my hometown...

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