Monday, May 28, 2012

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All the Bad News

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Ken White, an Australian volunteer who had worked in my office, send an email. He told me about his happiness with Annick, his wife, who live comfortably in Langkawi, Malaysia, in a private yacht which they named "Jalan-jalan".

He started his email with "How was the 24th of May 2012 for you?" Don't know what makes my hands typing a reply like this, on the phone while lying in my bed-rest time. First 'outpouring of the heart' to others, about Ndil ...


Bapak Ken sayang,

So glad to hear you and Annick have wonderful day. Hopefully also for May 25, 26, 27, 28 and the rest of the days, on your boat journey :)

My 24th May is not really good. I had pain on my headache & my body felt cold. Last night i went to hospital and found that i get typhoid fever now.

Too bad, since i only have 2 nights to take rest--even the doctor's letter gives me a week to stay in bed--cause tomorrow is my first time in my new office. It will not good to ask for permission on my very first day.

Since the last three months, I had nice journeys while traveling to many places. I have a new 'bussiness' now: interested in whatever called heritage, expecially temple.

I spent most time to see, take picture and write about the place i visited. The last time was Muarojambi, the temple in Sumatra.

I asked my ex boss (not the one in CRI, but a Proffesor in Universitas Gadjah Mada), to give me a freelance job. He needed me to write his report, he paid me with ticket to Muarojambi :)

I am so happy. Muarojambi Temple is one of infamous heritage. But you know what? This is where Tibetian's Buddhist began!

I went with my boyfriend, he paid his own tickets. We have same interest in heritage, so we build a database system called "Indonesian Heritage Inventory", you can access it here:

Our visit was an invitation from local activists who needs practician to make documentation for the temple, which is now in endangered situation by stockpile of coal mining activities.

Together with us, there is a fotographer, a videographer, and also Mrs Elizabeth Inandiak (indonesianist, France author).

I planned to have a week there in Muarojambi (from 18-26), while my bf only 3 days. But i had a bad flu on my 3rd night there, so he decided to bought my new tickets so i can comeback home together with him.

Now I know that headache & faver is not always a common (simple) sick. Tired & sleeplees is the most reason to get typhoid :))

And another bad news is: I have got broken hearted, just the 2nd day of our stay in Muarojambi. Yes, being single and unhealthy is not good :))

Thats all from me. All the bad news. Humm, during this bedrest, i am planning to have another trip soon. Hahaha, i need to be happy like you do.

Arround September i will fly to Malaysia, hopefully we can meet somewhere there. Need some recommendation from you about cultural heritage sites i should see.

Nice to hear from you, always. Send my hugs to Annick.


*are you still updating the lettersfromindonesia.blogspot since you are in Malay now?


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