Thursday, May 3, 2012

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True Friends Know the Date of Your Birth! (?)

Since three years, I never put my birthday date on social media, including Facebook.

When displayed on Facebook, you'll never be able to count the number of incoming greets. They are coming not only through all forms of FB (wall, messages, photos and comments), also email, IM, phone and SMS; just the way after they received notification from the FB.

Now not so anymore. Counted, less than ten people congratulated me. And that includes my husband and my family :) So, what can be said, that those who congratulated me this three years are true friends?

"True friends know the date of your birth!"

Ah, that sounds weird! 

Yes, since I replaced my old number I used since high school, in college there is not much in my childhood friend who gave me a greeting via SMS. After not using the phone number that had I used during college, I was losing hundreds of sms that usually go for three consecutive days from May 1 to 3.

In fact, they continue to SMS in the following years, although often not replied; due to forgotten, erased, SMS inbox is full, and so on. What's worse: I don't ever remember their birthday! Means that I will never reply saying the same in the days of their birthday.


My mistake was not telling my new number to old friends. But, it was a mistake? Hummm, what's that for anyway?

"Please keep SMS me on my birthday, ok?"

So? Ah, no way! :)


Pic: Thanks to @egacahyo, Pak Robert & Handri, for the only three via socmed this year. Hihihi :)
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