Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Blue Wedding

Pic from here.

Yesterday afternoon, Joyo and I attended a wedding invitation, in Magelang. We agreed to wear shades of blue, for no reason.

Once I opened the door of the cab, I was surprised by the decor at the entrance of the room: everything is blue! The girls at the guest book, the kids running around, thfamily of the bride, the nuclear family, and off course the bride. Oh that's not all, yet! The tents, chairs, pelaminan (wedding stage for the bride), carpet, and everything you name it: all in blue.

"Hahahaha, you're their family," says Joyo.

Well yeah, if I replace the songket (weaving fabric) I wear with batik (painted fabric)the uniforms of this family, there is almost no difference. This is sort of incorrect costume election for me! :)

We arrived very late, due to bad traffic across the city. But we were happy to attend this modest Javanese wedding, after a fascinating struggle with the airport bus from Jogja.

It was a blue wedding. Not that blue, but the blue happy marriage.

Congrats, bluers. Be happy ever after!


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