Monday, December 31, 2012

Abstract for CfP EuroSEAS Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, 2-5 July 2013

By: Adriani Zulivan & Elanto Wijoyono*

Located in the ring of fire, natural disasters have become the close friend for Indonesian citizen. Disaster impact is not only focused on population and assets, but also the cultural heritage. Cultural heritage in Indonesia contains indigenous knowledge needed by the citizens to be able to live in harmony with nature and disaster.

Documenting cultural heritage is important for disaster risk reduction to preserve the cultural heritage. Documentation is important to be done regularly, to know the dynamic changes of the heritage. Unfortunately, to cover the update information about every heritage in the country is not an easy task for the government. Moreover, they do not have adequate systems.

Since 2011, was born Indonesian Heritage Inventory. It is a online system that allows everyone in the country (public) to document a variety of reports about heritage conservation, preservation, and the impact of the changes caused by natural disasters. The pilot project documentation is the use of various online media and interactive open access media has been done in some area in 2012. Some of them is Merapi and Borobudur area that has been suffered by catastrophic volcanic eruption of Merapi volcano. Another issue was in Kotagede and Imogiri area in Yogyakarta which has been destroyed by the earthquakes in 2006. This documentation is expected to be one of the references in recovery and preservation of cultural heritage after the disasters in the future.

Keywords: natural disasters, cultural heritage, disaster management, documentation, information systems, online, interactive, open, crowd-sourcing

* Indonesian Heritage Inventory (IHI)

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This is the revision of this draft. Since Elanto Wijoyono helped me in some discussion (until this almost midnight!) for this abstract, here is his name on this. Thanks for it. Pack your bag, let's go to present IHI worldwide! :)

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