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It's Tommy Page. Do You Know His Song?

"What was the name, again?" I asked Suci on the phone this afternoon.
"It's Tommy Page. Do you know his song?"
"Nope, I guess..."
Than we laughed.

Suci is asking if I would go to this concert. Her friend canceled to go and the ticket can't be refunded. I just said yes, since the venue is just 5 minutes' walk from my home. Furthermore, when else could I watch an international concert for free?

Even though I have money to buy the ticket, I'm not a person who wants to spend lot of amount 'just' to watch a music show. Never! So this was my very first time watching an international music artist performance.

Two hours before the time, I was having dinner while plugged the camera battery charging and listen to Tommy's video tracks on YouTube. There's only one that I know: Shoulder to Cry On!
Watching him through the 'hole's space' between audiences's hands.
I arrived at the venue 30 minutes before the gate's open. Suci and the other friend is still having their dinner somewhere around. 10 minutes after that, I saw some white and local people walking to the gate and just passed by. 

Suddenly some people in front of me asking each other: Is that Tommy Page? Was that him? And the bla bla bla... And camera persons that had waiting for him for so long, just getting their cam on while the Tommy and his team is already disappear.

It's like... nobody realized that it was him! Yes he wore a white 'plain' t-shirt with jeans, just like other people--or the others are more stylish. Or... people no longer recognize his face?
Suci, her friend and I.
When Suci came, we took some pics on the photo booth till we missed Angel Pieters's performance--the opening artist. "This is it, that 880 rupiahs?" we we so surprised, like the amount of money doesn't 'accord' to the seat we got.
Here this far we go :)
Our tickets is silver, the cheapest one. We were like three rows from the back or about 10 rows (if I'm not mistaken) from the stage! The worst thing is, the seat was not arranged as stadium/theater seating. So you can only watch the head of the people in front of you, and the people in front of the people in front of you, and the head of the people in front of the people in front of the people who sat in front of you, and so on! You must know what I mean :)
Wristband for silver ticket.
Tommy Page was astonishing! We didn't know all of his song, but we do enjoy the show! The music is easy listening; And for me, I feel differences on the music itself--between his video clips and this live performance. Seems like the live music is more 'contemporary' than it was! I don't know, I am not sure...maybe.

"I guess these songs are the songs when you were in Junior High, or it's the song of your mom and that, or... you were not even born!" said Tommy.  Well I was 6 when he launched the "Shoulder to Cry On", and I just know this song so very long years after that!

Audiences keep yelling every time he started to sing a song. Most of them know what song he will sing, when they hear the intro music. It was amazing to see them sing with him; getting mellow when he sung heartsick song and danced when Tommy asked them to, in merry songs.

Watch the show from people's cam!
I saw a couple about 50 y.o, sing along from the beginning until the end of the show! Two young ladies around 40s keep screaming, make some conversation about some song that maybe popular on their high school memories. A girl in front of me kept her video cam on, even the committee forbids it. A group in the mid rows brought heart-shaped flags, with patches of Tommy's face there. I'm sure they are his biggest fans!

Tommy gave one word or two to introduce his every song. There was a fan in Indonesia who asked him to sing a song (I don't remember the title) for her late Mom. This day is her mom's birthday. Tommy said this before he sang the song. [Later I found her, the fan. He met Tommy (and he follows her Twitter acc!) the day before... and I can imagine how happy she was! Look at her tweets here]
Opening song.
The Sound of Music.
City of NYC. My fave!
A mellow song.
Latest v-clip.
The stage was fantastic. They played many different backgrounds with visual-story-pics or video, related to the story in each song. The picture of his boarding house when he studied in NYC is my fave one. He also sang his son's fave song from the soundtrack of The Sound of Music movie. And his newly launched video clip was also appearing when he sung this remake song.

Different with the first time I saw him in front of the gate, his style on the stage wasn't that 'plain'. He looks gorgeous on that white formal blazer set, and even more, when he take the blazer off and let us see his black shirt (my fave color for man's formal shirt!). Hey you know what: This youthful-face-guy is a father of three!

Besides singing (and write his own song), he is also a piano player! He played it on some song, I was like... WOW! For me, a man who plays piano is as sexy as basketball player. Hohoho!

With Angel.
Once I know who is Angel Pieters (from Suci), then I realized that she was the one from an idol contest for kiddos. She has stunning voice, but she had a worst dress (ever, as I watched the TV show when she was the participant of the idol's competition). Why now she looks like over-age, her outlook is just like "tante-tante" (ladies around 30-40 y.o). "It's MNC, her management, who 'build' her like that. They want her to run-out of her childhood and get ready for mature image," said Suci. Well, I still can't believe it's her! :) #gossiptainment #stopit
Suci, sing along with lyric.
Finally, the only song we know--the Shoulder to Cry On--was sung as the ultimate. Suci and I get our phone and search for the lyric. So we can sing along. Yay!

And when you need a shoulder to cry on,
When you need a friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone, cause I'll be there,
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there,
I'll be a friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone, cause I'll be there.

The show ended cheerfully. I saw everyone keep seated till the end of this two hours show. There's a baby boy slept comfortably on his dad's lap. Some people, including us, go back to the photo booth to take more and more pics.

We didn't know the song, but we came around just to know how it feels to watch an international expensive concert show. "It's okay if we didn't know the song, the important thing is... it is expensive!" said Suci. "Let it expensive, but the most important is... you don't have to pay!" said our friend.
Blowing a good night kisses to Tommy :)
At home, I looked at various hashtag about this show on socmed. Found some audience like us: didn't know the song, but so lucky to have the opportunity to watch this spectacular show with no money.

Thank you Suci, for gave me the ticket. Thank you Tommy for the really nice performance. You guys made my day! :)

Update (31/05): Agung Firdaus, a friend on Facebook, show me his ticket of Tommy's concert in Indonesia in 1990. Fantastic! 


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