Friday, June 7, 2013

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Smile! Everyone Gets a Free Terabyte on Flickr!

Lately I quite often use Flickr to send edited photo online from Picture2Life application, but never open the Flickr website directly. Earlier, when looking for a photo on my Flickr, I found this: Smile. Everyone Gets a Free Terabyte on Flickr!

Yep. Since last month, Flickr provides 1 Terabyte space for us. Free! I of course immediately utilized it, to reduce the burden of the hard drive that I have on my devices. See more details here.

Previously, eventhough I've been using Flickr since 2008, I was more convenience to share picture in Photo Bucket, which I think more well-organize. And the most important thik is: it allows you to share much spaces, freely! Not like Flickr, which is limited. I have uploaded some collection of photographs there. 

However, after the disappearance of Multiply, I'm so worried if any application which is not owned by a large company, will soon disappear as wel;, including Photo Bucket. Thanks God since Flickr is already owned by Yahoo!. And the good thing is: Now you can organize your albums on Flickr, just like Photo Bucket's. Great!

These are mine. Let the computer relief, throw your files to Flickr and ... Smile!


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